The HERC’s shake was pretty much a big hit since day one over 23 years ago. Have they changed? Yes! To meet the needs of their clients & with the evolution of smart owners & technology (Albeit retro technology). Our goal is to make a safe, tasty, delightful shake for after your workouts or just for pleasure in general. We use natural ingredients and our own high-quality supplements to augment our shakes to satisfy our customers. Do they have sugar? Yes, they have the equivalent of a medium sized apple. The protein content is a minimum of 81% per weight compared to 10% from other brands. We generally have 3X the protein and ¼ of the carbs found in normal shakes of its kind.


The HERC’s Shake is HERC’s Nutrition.

When HERC’s started in 1996 there were barely any public gyms, let alone a place to get supplements, vitamins and performance apparel. The Mission was always to create an atmosphere where Athletes, Fitness Enthusiasts, Physical Culturists, and Mom’s and Dad’s trying to stay fit for life could go to solve the problems they may face and provide them with everything they need to achieve their goals. We also wanted something that everyone could enjoy. 

Something that replenished and nourished, but also could be something fun for our friends. Maybe even could be a special part in bringing more people into the world of the gyms and fitness, that maybe otherwise would get caught in the grind of daily life. This is why we created the shake we did. It can be a meal replacement, a celebration, a sports recovery drink, and a daily ritual all in one.

HERC's Shake

We’re Eccentric. We Go Over The Top.

HERC's Shake

A Shake is a shake.

The Herc’s Shake can work as a meal replacement, a celebration, a sports recovery drink, and a daily ritual all in one. Every shake we make strives to meet these key goals:

  • It must be delicious.
  • It must be rich.
  • It must be made with real food.

Too often, “Diet Friendly” options are marketed as cure-all solutions, but they are packed with harsh chemicals that should not be absorbed by the body on a daily basis. Our mission is to use real ingredients that will fuel your body and your mind.

Regular Protein Shake

Our protein shakes are made with low-fat milk and a natural 3:1 casein to protein mix that can help with muscle recovery and energy. The amount of natural sugars found in dairy are ideal for adequate Glycogen levels that ensure proper protein synthesis. Your body will struggle to utilize the protein you put in it without the needed levels of glycogen present in your system. And the final bonus of milk is that it is a very good source of vitamins, calcium and electrolytes needed for sports performance, workout recovery and the demands of a physical day.

Vegan Protein Shake

We understand that milk may not be part of your diet. That’s why Herc’s has also crafted delicious vegan shakes with minimal carbs and sugar.

HERC's Shake